Friday, August 23, 2013

friday back in melbourne

We landed back in Melbourne last night to wind and rain, full blown winter. It is always bittersweet when our time in Northern New South Wales comes to an end and we leave sunshine and Northern Rivers friends to return to our Victorian home.

Today the boys and spent the morning at the Melbourne Museum while Pete went to a meeting for the Culture is Life campaign he is working on. I haven't been to the museum since I was in primary school. It must be one of the best value days out with children that there is. $10 entry for adults, free if you have a concession card, and free entry for children up to age 16. I managed to get a four hour park across the road $3.60 per hour is pretty good for city parking and spent $20 on lunch for the three of us in the museum cafe. Word of advice: avoid the gift shop. Saying no to requests to buy over-priced stuffed Australian animals and similar was tiring for me and frustrating for River and Sol so unless you have budget for toys/books or dvds keep on walking.

Now that we are back to the cooler weather soup is on the menu in a big way. Lamb shank and barley, and chicken are favorites, Georgia's minestrone looks good to try too.

I've been away from the blog this week not because I've wanted to, I have recipes to share, but partly because I was soaking up real life in Northern Rivers while I could, but mainly because a grain of sand has lodged itself in my camera and the lens will not open. And recipes just aren't the same without photos are they? What to do? Use your phone camera I hear you say. Well, I will do some experimenting with that idea over the weekend and in the meantime if you have any camera model suggestions (that is a camera that you love) let me know, I think I'm in the market for an upgrade...Jodi I did ask you a while ago but I have misplaced details if you are reading and can leave details again in the comments I'd be grateful.

Catching up on some blog/facebook reading with a cup of dandelion this raw chocolate peppermint slice looks tempting and how about this show-stopping raw vegan caramel slice?

Well that seems like a nice sweet note to finish on for this week. Bear with me on the photography front over the next couple of weeks until I can either get my camera repaired or purchase a replacement.

Oh, only to add I am inspired by Maxabella's Friday Rewind to invite you to share a link you like from this week it can be from your own blog or from somewhere else on the net something that you read and loved, that inspired you, or a winning recipe. For this week share it in the comments and I'll see if I can switch my brain into techno gear and work out the link up gizmo for next Friday.

Have a beautiful weekend wherever in the world you are. Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Will surely have to try out the raw chocolate peppermint slice.
    As for cameras I'm hoping to purchase the Olympus OM-D EM-5. From what I've researched it seems to be excellent. x


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