Sunday, August 11, 2013

stills on sunday

1. The view from inside looking out at Footbridge cafe my new favorite Melbourne style cafe in Brunswick Heads. Address: 14 The Terrace Brunswick Heads. Phone: 02. 6685 1991

2. Soy cappacino @ Footbridge

3. Beauty

4. My fishermen

5. Me and my Mr River

6. Birthday bunting made by Jay for River. Thank you xx

7. The makings of chicken beans and broccoli were added later. I almost set the kitchen alight grilling papadums. Pulled the grill tray out to flames!! Phew. Tip: papadums grill quickly.

8. Humble real everyday food in all its simple glory

9. The view from our Brunswick Heads holiday unit kitchen. Quite happy to wash the dishes and take this in.

10. Raw chocolate heaven - rose petals, goji berries and bee pollen held together by dense and decadent raw dark chocolate @ Brunswick Heads Health Foods my other favorite coffee spot in Brunz.

11. While Sol played in his cubby on the sand...

12. River and Pete took to the waves

13. Yep I was tearing up seeing River take off on his first waves and watching the bond between he and Pete. Oh how I love the heart swells of motherhood, I will add it takes very little to have me tearing up, a word, a look, a giggle can do it so standing up on a surfboard warranted it.

Joining in with mama Em at The Beetle Shack


  1. omg that chocolate bun looks absolutely heavenly!

    1. Max it is actually a raw chocolate it is about the size of a 50cent coin in roundness and then 1 cm thick...the photo is deceptive but yes truly a delight to eat x

  2. such beautiful images and oh, the swelling of the heart what a glorious thing that is. xx

    1. I am discovering it is quite a lovely thing to do to capture the week in pictures, little moments etched in my memory and now shared here. a weekly stills collection would be an easy thing for you to put together and that way we all get to enjoy more of your wonderous photography :) xx


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