Tuesday, August 06, 2013

still life

1. Brunswick Heads market follow the sign for fresh juice by the Brunswick River
2. Pedal power fuelled the juicer at another juice bar at the market
3. Salad by the barrow full
4. A sweet herb pot on a Brunswick verandah
5. This snapshot does not do justice to the bonfire we had for River's birthday it was brighter and bold and very exciting for everyone, big and little people alike.
6. Bonfire revellers
7. The day after the bonfire dandelion tea party in the late afternoon sun
9. Raw chocolate mousse cake with rose petals, afternoon tea with chai at Brunswick Heads health food store cafe. Yes it was as good as it looks.

Sol is continuing to wake early (today it was 4.45am), sleep deprivation is taking its toll and early nights are the only way I can keep from being a very grumpy wholefood mama. Night time is usually my blogging time so these stills are here today instead of on sunday and the whole long list of posts I have lined up in my imagination will be rolled out at a pace that fits with what I can do instead of what I'd like to do. You know how that goes. Thought so :)

I hope you are having many happy wholefood times. More soon. Thanks for being patient xx


  1. The early mornings continue. Sol's tuned into ashram hours! It was so lovely to see you and Jay on the weekend x

    1. Sol woke at 6.20am today so that is a sleep in! Ashram hours indeed, if only he'd get up and sit quietly in meditation :) Yes it was really great to meet you in real life Nat, I could have sat all day chatting with you and Jay xx


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