Thursday, August 15, 2013

spaghetti circus

The pasta theme continues. Only today it is not the edible kind but the circus variety. In addition to homeschooling, learning to surf and catching fish with his Dad while we've been here in the Byron Shire, River has been going to Mullumbimby's Spaghetti Circus class learning to do handstands and cartwheels, strengthening his core muscles and balance while making new friends.

This year Spaghetti celebrates its 21st year and is hosting a circus festival from 4-6 October.

River LOVES his weekly class, as does Sol. In five weeks of attending weekly classes I have noticed how much the boys confidence has grown in their willingness to attempt physical things that they otherwise wouldn't have done, such as taking tiny steps while standing on top of a giant rubber ball, or being assisted to swing upside down on a trapeze bar. The confidence is quickly followed up with pride in themselves for either having a go or achieving something they didn't know they could do. It all adds up to good self-esteem from where I sit on the bunting edged sideline chatting to other mums, today's topic was the pros and cons of sending our children to school compared to homeschooling. I think there are aspects of both that River would benefit from, ideally I'd love it if he went to school 3 days a week and spent the other two days homeschooling.

I know this post is off the wholefood topic but spaghetti is in the title :) and circus is just such a fantastic thing for children (& adults!) that I wanted to share it with you. If you are ever in the area check out the timetable, there are adults and children's classes we have been paying $15 per casual class.

And just so you are not left hungry from this post here is the Spaghetti Circus chocolate dipped version of anzacs:

Love this poster that hangs in the circus shed kitchen...

oH Spaghetti Circus you are reason alone to live here all year round.

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  1. Oh i do love circuses and circus schools, Poe goes occasionally to the one in Coffs but it is a bit out of the way, there is talk of them opening up one in Bellingen, fingers crossed. xxx


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