Friday, September 06, 2013

friday it's spring!

Yes it is officially Spring time! Although the scene outside my window is rather grey and gloomy, overcast and no sign of sun, there is pink and white blossom on the trees I marvel at the beauty of blossom every spring it is as if I have never seen it before.

This is an excellent read: How strict should a child's healthy diet be?

The kitchen can be a dangerous place. Read more about safe food handling here

This recipe for chocolate chickpea cake has me intrigued. I think I'll give it a go

Some simple tips and reminders for getting more fruit and veg into meals and snacks

Speaking of veggies if you grow your own and are wondering what to plant take a look at The Little Veggie Patch Company's fantastic list

If you're looking for family friendly, gluten free dairy free, refined sugar free recipes this is a great site

On to the weekend. I'm reluctant to utter the 'e' word here (election) but that is what is happening here in Australia on Saturday so it is on my mind. I don't really want to get into political discussion here but I want to say this: regardless of who is elected on Saturday there is much work to be done with regard to healing our environmental and humanitarian problems in Australia (and indeed the world) I have no confidence in any government to restore harmony in nature and with people so we must take matters into our own hands, it is the only way forward and the only way to not feel despairing. We can all make a difference in our daily lives. Be the change you want to see in the world.

On that note I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Soak up the Spring or Autumn depending on where in the world you are and I'll see you back here next with a post on dealing with fussy eaters plus more.

Thanks for being part of positive change for planet and people - less processed and packaged food consumed = better health for planet and people xx


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