Wednesday, September 25, 2013

hot off the press (almost)...

I'm hoping you're not hungry because this post isn't about food. I have so many food related posts brewing in my mind, recipes too, but I am still waiting on my camera to arrive and food blogging without photos is no fun for me or you dear readers!

So, instead today I share something else I have been up to, and that is setting up a crowdfunding page for the publication of my talented and inspiring husband's seventh book - Fire & the Story of Burning Country. For those of you who don't know, my husband Pete is a photographer and author who specialises in recording books about the environment and culture.

Between the covers of this book is a captivating story that demonstrates the positive power of fire on the Australian landscape told by the Cape York Elders and their Community Leaders. This natural process of managing the land with fire sits in stark contrast to the widely held view that fire is destructive and to be feared.

Pete has worked for close to two decades with Elders and their communities across Australia photographing and recording their culture so that it may reach a wider audience. Fire and the Story of Burning Country is a response from Elders to the devastating Black Saturday fires in Victoria during the summer of 2009.

Dr Don Hankins, a specialist in fire ecology/pyrogeography, Indigenous land management practices and conservation of Indigenous cultural practices writes in the book’s foreword: 

“This book offers a unique opportunity to see fire through the lens of accompanying Indigenous cultural practitioners as they restore fire to landscapes across Australia. The chapters offer a perspective and voice largely absent in existing literature about Indigenous fire; that is the Indigenous perspective and voice. These are the stories and experiences of Australia’s fire knowledge keepers.”

If you would like to learn more about the powerful and wise cultural practice of managing the land with fire, or you know someone who would love this book please head on over to the crowdfunding page where you can buy the book or some beautiful photographic prints. With your help this story can reach a wide audience. 

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  1. So great, good luck with the fund raising Pete. xx jay


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