Wednesday, September 04, 2013

lunch box love

We are heading down the home straight toward the end of term 3 and I am guessing your 'what to put in the school lunchbox' mojo is fading. Yes? Well, since I have been on a 6 week vacation from filling lunchboxes I am feeling all enthusiastic about not falling into my old end of term fruit and a sandwich rut. I thought I'd share my progress coming up with lunch box goodness...

Day one: River went off to school with a brown rice nori roll filled with tuna and avocado, seaweed rice crackers, mandarin, dried apricots and two pieces of Natalie's excellent apple, oat and maple syrup slice (one piece for River, one piece to share with a friend).

Day two: egg and carrot sandwich made with millet sourdough, 1/2 a dragonfruit, mango and strawberry fruit flat (dehydrated fruit), red capsicum sticks and seaweed rice crackers.

Day three: corn thins spread with butter and topped with parmesan cheese, pitted kalamata olives, apple, raw chocolate brownie from our local raw food cafe (raw on rye).

Day four: cheese and vege spread wrap, seaweed rice crackers, mandarine, carrot sticks, 1/2 raw chocolate and date bar.

Day five: cucumber and cheese wholegrain roll, an apple, a coconut date roll, corn thin with vege spread.

Happy to report completely empty lunch box coming home. yay!

For more inspiration take a look at Mona Hecke's book The Lunchbox Revolution and please share your lunch box faves in the comments, it helps if we think for each other :)


  1. Nikki I promise I'm not stalking you! Lol... But you're writing about everything I'm thinking about at the moment! My daughter will only be starting school next year and I'm already having a hard enough time with her lunchbox for preschool 2 days a week! She used to eat EVERYTHING but has become rather picky of late. I hear that it is normal for children's tastes to change but I'm hoping that it all settles down soon! I'm off to have a look at that book :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. Any advice on fussy eaters?

  2. :) you are very welcome here everyday Sophie! I am happy my writing is resonating with you. Yes it is true, small children's tastes do change. Tips for fussy eaters? Hang in there! Stay cool, calm and collected (easier said than done sometimes I know) and don't waver from your wholefood loving ways. Keep presenting fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and protein in different forms (cheese, fish, eggs, meat preferably organic) and if your daughter doesn't eat it don't lose heart but don't pander either and offer endless substitutes that is where it all gets tricky. Try sticking with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner - you decide what the meal is and your daughter decided how much she eats. It might sound a bit harsh but it sets up a good food foundation. also, children often need to be presented with a fruit or vegetable up to 15 times before they will eat. gosh this is turning into a post! ...I will write one on fussy eaters next week inspired by your comment. Also, seek out French Kids Eat Everything really great book with recipes too. Hope that helps! x

  3. Wow Nikki, so much variation! I love your "send one to share with a friend" idea...a great way to spread the whole-food love. A few favourites in our house are veggie fritters (made with corn meal), pop-corn, cucumber and carrot sticks and boiled eggs. Now I'm off to check out 'The Lunchbox Revolution'.


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