Friday, September 20, 2013

ice cream friday

Last day of the school term here today. River has only been at school for 3 weeks this term because of our extended trip to Byron Bay but I am looking forward to the holidays! Easy mornings no rushing out the door, no school lunch to pack. It is a last day of term tradition that we go with friends to the local ice cream shop to celebrate the end of term. Is it school holiday time where you are?...

Today's list...

I have oranges on the boil to make this cake to take to our friend's house for dessert tonight

going home to roost is a blog I found this week. prepare to lose yourself for hours go here

so many beautiful images and recipes over at this rawsome vegan life

feeling a bit scattered? centre yourself at mama here now

LOVING Heather's wholefood online course. Registration is still open if you want to sign up (I'm not affiliated in anyway with this course just recommending it because I love Heather's grounded approach and accessible recipes)

this is the camera I have ordered. I'll share on monday my tips for buying a new camera. Having said that, I am a bit nervous about the camera actually arriving from this website!! 8-10 days they say, you'll be the first to know how this story turns out. Not sure why but something feels shonky, perhaps it is the rock bottom price. Oh dear. Fingers crossed.

What's caught your eye on the web this week? share a link in the comments or share a favorite post from your blog this week. Happy weekending to you, put your feet up you deserve it :) Thanks for reading xx

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