Friday, January 24, 2014

weekend reading

Have you made the mango sorbet yet that I posted on the blog last week? You really should. So easy and so well, yum!

I had some new business cards printed from Moo (in the pic), first time I've used Moo and I'm pretty happy with the result. 100 cards $35 all pretty easy to design.

Dare I utter the lunches...sssh! Sorry, but time to face facts school is going back all too soon and if you are in the market for new lunchboxes look no further than this lunchbox review post from none other than The Organised Housewife.

And while we're on lunchboxes when you're stuck for ideas as to what to put in the boxes check out Sonia's 30 super healthy lunchbox snacks (thanks Sonia for including my carrot hummus!)

Raw pistachio & almond coconut crumble with juicy nectarines from Petite Kitchen. Enough said.

If though you've overdone desserts, ice-cream, pizza and everything else that comes with holidays, then Georgia's very down-to-earth approach to cleansing and detoxing might be just the read for you.

Gosh that Bron over Maxabella loves has been busy posting great post after great post such as 52 cool things for families to do in 2014 and her great series '25...' features so many ideas to help you keep the kids entertained over the last couple of weeks of the school holidays. How does she do it with her three on school holidays?!

Let's talk social media for a minute, if you haven't already you can like The Wholefood Mama on facebook and I've recently joined all the cool kids over on Instagram @wholefoodmama. Now that I've caught up some new social media platform will pop up any second. I'm a bit slow on the up take.

Ok, excuse me now while I go and watch the Australian Open with my husband who is threatening a blogging curfew this year to put an end to my midnight computer sessions!

Have a great weekend see you back here next week. xx


  1. Hi there Nikki! So great to be back here...I've a bit to catch up on after a blog-free few weeks. So many great links here...I'm not sure where to start. School holidays are fast coming to an end - boo!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Michelle, I am a bit the same with blog-free weeks but I am enjoying have the backlog of blog reading to do :) yes ho hum about the end of the school holidays. My Mr 7 said tonight "I can't wait to go back to school" so I guess that's a good thing! Thanks for visiting x

  2. Those Moo cards look great I first heard about them a couple of years ago and I love that you can display different photos las well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. I am very happy with the Moo cards Kathy. The photos are actually their stock photos, but there are options to add your own. I was wanting to be very efficient when I was designing these ones to see how they turned out, I'd definitely order with them again. x

  3. Congrats on the business cards. Impressive and inspiring. And thanks for the heads up – that list by Maxabella is fabulous.

    1. Thanks Imogen. I am very happy with the final result of the cards and I am glad you are happy with Maxabella link I thought others would like it as much as I did. x


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