Friday, January 31, 2014

weekend reading

(so many of these babies in our garden some have turned red. nature's perfect snack)

For all you mamas who sent your first little one off to school this year, big hug to you, well that's how I felt when River started school! It took me a good six months to settle in to being a school mum. Jodi has written a fantastic post about this topic. Congrats Jodi you and Che made it through your first year and judging by your post have both learnt a lot!

Speaking of school, Georgia's post on packing nourishing lunches - even for fussy eaters - is a must read.

And just in case you haven't replaced an old lunchbox from last year and are looking for a new one the range at biome eco-store has every possibility and budget covered.

For those of us still enjoying summer days, how good do these blueberry jelly tip dairy free ice 'creams' look?

I've been hunting around this week for a good cake recipe that is egg, spelt, wheat and walnut free and came across this incredibly rich and amazing sounding Mexican chocolate cake complete with cayenne pepper kick - it is gluten free, egg free and refined sugar free. (If you have any recipes for egg, spelt, wheat and walnut free cakes I'd love a link in the comments)

If you're looking to discover a blog to love, one about real food, photography, simple living try Soul Aperture, if food, fashion, motherhood by an American mum and writer are more your style visit Jo at A Cup of Jo.

Glennon Melton's writing on motherhood will speak to volumes to you I promise, read her article 'The Questions that will save your relationships' she puts a very thought provoking spin on "How was your day?"

Ok I better get back to doing some paid work now! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Stay cool or warm depending on where you are in the world and I'll 'see' you back here next week for step# 5 in the wholefood series. Thanks by the way for the great feedback on that series I'm glad you are enjoying it and that it's helpful. Happy weekending xx

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