Friday, February 07, 2014

weekend reading

How are you mamas? I hope it's been a smooth start to the school term. I'm looking forward to an afternoon at the beach! Here's a little weekend reading for you...

How good do Soulemama's home made crackers look?!

Carrying on from my post about fats & oils  if you are hungry for a lot more info on this topic I found this: Fats and Oils for Optimum Health

Have you seen We Don't Eat Animals? It is Ruby Roth's virtual home, Ruby is a vegan and according to her website 'the world's leading author and illustrator of vegetarian and vegan books for children'. Her passion for what she believes in is inspirational.

I'm not convinced about the nut overload popular with the raw food movement but I have to say this raw raspberry cheesecake looks pretty good!

And while we're over at My New Roots, how good does this coconut black rice breakfast pudding look?!

Totally off topic of food for a moment, this week I've been emailing River's Godmother Rachel who lives in the UK and inspires me because of the work she does with The Girls Home in Nicaragua, and a new initiative she has launched with her friend Sascha Havlicek. VIP is the name of their project, Rachel and Sascha are concerned about girls growing up in an appearance obsessed society and perhaps not fulfilling their true potential. The aim of VIP is to encourage girls to love what who they are and to celebrate their own uniqueness. Good plan!

And in other news, on Tuesday 18th of February I'm presenting a blogging for beginners workshop!
If you are keen to start a blog or have just begun and now feel overwhelmed, I'd love to share with you practical tips on setting up and growing your blog. Phone Sorrento Community Centre to book your place: 5984 3360. The workshop runs from 9.30am-2.30pm $60 lunch included. And if you can't make it on the 18th a second workshop is scheduled for Saturday 15th March, 9.30am-2.30pm.

Have a great weekend! See you back here Monday for the next instalment of wholefood step-by-step.


  1. Nikki I made that black rice pudding earlier in the week .... it not only looks good, it tastes unbelievable! We ate it for dessert two nights running. Kellie xx

    1. Dessert two nights running - my family would be happy with that! Have a great weekend Kellie xx

  2. Nikki, I simply love the VIP project. I've always been a feminist who believes that girls are more than their appearance but since having two daughters, I am even more passionate.

    I too am going to try the black rice pudding. There's a cafe here I frequent that serves something similar as a breakfast pudding and it's amazing. Making it at home will be more fun!

    I hope you handling the heat ok. Luna. xx

    1. Thanks Luna. In our image obsessed world it is indeed so important to value what is within us and to impress this upon our children. I am enjoying the cool change tonight! xx

  3. Great news about your blogging workshop! Congrats. And the VIP project caught my eye. We are starting a project called The Amazing Women's Collective at Rosebud SC, where teenagers from the school are going to be paired up with older women in the community and through a series of workshops discover the 'amazing' within each other and themselves. It will culminate in a physical theatre performance. Any project that helps young girls (and not so young girls!) stand strong against the flood of social media images and projections of what a girl "should' look, be or act like has to be a good thing! Catch up soon x


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