Friday, February 28, 2014

weekend reading

We are about to slip into Autumn. Summer you are gone too soon. Mangoes we'll miss you.

Are your kids driving you crazy asking for treats? Read Georgia's great post on how she handles it.

And if you are worried that you are being too strict when it comes to junk food and that your children will rebel as teens read this.

You can't eat these but they're kind of fun!

If you think happiness, healthiness and creativity should be the foundation of education watch this

Michelle's latest video is up, always so much beautiful food! Go see her make chicken in a pot and spicy meatballs

I loved Ronnie's post - motherhood is...

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Wishing you all a delicious weekend. Not much planned here which is just the way I like it!

Thanks for reading xx oh and if you like what you find here, tell your friends they might like to visit too the more wholefoodies we have in the world the better I say!

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  1. Yes indeed...there can never be too many wholefoodies!! Will share right now. Have a great weekend Nikki xx


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