Sunday, March 02, 2014

stills on sunday

1. Pete grew those cherry tomatoes, then cooked that sauce, then took the photo! No end to his talents.

2. Our little helper in the garden. We're happy that this year he can work out on his own which ones are ripe enough to pick!

3. The current state of my pinboard. I love River's words on the red paper 'I was as happy as the sun', and the pics - me with my nan, cousin and aunty 3 of my besties, Sol and I on his first day of kinder this year, River and Sol looking thrilled last summer about having their first ice cream from the Mr Whippy van that drove up our street and top right is that same cousin as a little girl with my bro.

4. A gorgeous melon, a gift from Robin. 

5. Spinach and fetta pie for dinner this week didn't last long at all. A definite crowd pleaser here.

(linking up with Ms. Beetleshack Em)


  1. Yum that is making me hungry.... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Love little garden helpers. The tomato sauce looks amazing. Jo ××


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