Tuesday, March 04, 2014

what's for dinner?

So, we continue today with the second list of meal and snack ideas from around the web.

In our house at the moment we are still loving any mangoes we can get our hands on but now that Autumn is officially here there's some beautiful pears about.

River is studying Vietnam at school this term and yesterday I went into his classroom and taught the class how to make rice paper rolls, each student rolled their own and many for the first time bravely tasted coriander, Vietnamese mint and fish sauce "eeeeww!!" was the response of some, and fair enough too, they're all fairly potent flavours. I was impressed though by their willingness to try things.

What to cook? What to cook?....

1. Speaking of mangoes, how good do these mango and coconut chicken skewers sound? Anything on a stick seems to win kids over! Perhaps you could even try this with firm white fish.

2. They seem to equally love anything in a wrap...beef fajitas

3. For a vegetarian idea I think this Italian spinach pie looks like a winner

4. How about Moroccan lamb stew?

5. Lunchbox love: Emma's spiced apricot, orange and quinoa muesli bars sound too good for school lunch!!

What are your current family favorites? Share them in the comments - no matter how simple they may be, share them they make become another family's new favorite and we all know how good it is to find a dish everyone loves!


  1. In our house bran muffins are always a favourite especially warm from the oven with real butter. Meatloaf is also a go to favourite.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Fiona, I like your blog tagline - keeping it simple in a modern world - we speak the same language! Once upon a time I lived in Texas for a short time and meatloaf always makes me think of that time! It also makes me think of my mum because it is something we ate growing up and I bet you'll never guess what my mum coated the meatloaf with before she put it in the oven - tomato sauce!! When cooked it created this sweet kind of 'crust' sounds weird I know but we loved it as kids. x


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