Tuesday, March 11, 2014

what's for dinner?

Unless of course we know the answer and we know that the dish is a crowd-pleaser, what's for dinner? can be a challenging question. Today I thought I would get in early and asked Sol at breakfast "What would you like to eat for dinner tonight?" I don't normally ask, but I wanted some ideas. His immediate reply was "Mashed potato". River chimed in with "Pizza". The pizza was a no, the mash potato I said yes and then wondered what to put with it...organic lamb and rosemary sausages, homemade tomato sauce (recipe will be in my ebook) and steamed zucchini with garlic butter and oregano.

As for the rest of the week, well perhaps this list will help...

1. I have a good supply of zucchini, while it's not revolutionary zucchini slice is simple and nourishing
2. Spinach and sweet potato bombs look good (though could have a more peace loving name!)
3. Now that Autumn is here I am feeling like soup, pumpkin or minestrone
4. Quinoa salad with currants and pistachios would be delicious alongside some roast chicken
5. For something wholesome and sweet, Wholefood Simply's protein packed version of banana bread could be the go

Simple family fare made with real ingredients and a whole lotta love. Happy cooking! x

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  1. I always love a bowl of soup...the best thing about cooler weather. I think some zuchinni slice might be on the menu here one night soon - I haven't made it for ages!!


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