Friday, March 21, 2014

weekend reading

It's been a messy week due to broken sleep, Sol's had an ear ache and sore throat. I remember when I was pregnant with River, the wonderful homeopath and chiropractor I went to every couple of weeks, who is also a father of six, said to me in the weeks before I gave birth, "Ah, sleep. It will never be the same again." How right he was.

Anyway, hopefully next week I will be back to my usual blogging rhythm and everything else rhythm for that matter. Which leads me into the first link for today's weekend reading...

Nicole's strategy for finding rhythm when when she loses it

The weather is cooling into Autumn here, Alexx's crunchy coconut and nut crumble topping is perfect for adding to the top of stewed new season apples and pears

I thought this fantastic article might come in handy: 10 Super Immune Boosting Foods For Kids

How fun does this look?! Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

For those who don't know it already, I think you'll love Heather's wholefood, homeschool blog Beauty That Moves

Jodi's having a giveaway, $100 gift voucher to be won to spend on lovely organic clothing made by Fabrik

Ok. I'm off to sleep incase I have to wake up at 3am and read Bambi to Sol like I did last night. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend in Autumn or Spring where ever you are in the world. See you back here next week x

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