Saturday, May 31, 2014

weekend reading

A few travel inspired links in the mix here this weekend as a result of our road trip. We are very happy to be settling into Byron Bay and surrounds for the next little while...

The photo is of River at Bondi Grower's market - Thankyou Kellie for suggesting we meet there, it was such a delight to meet you and Olive and Clancy in real life. Great chai at the market by the way.

Bellingen worked its charm on us this week. Thankyou Jay, Scott, Ilo & Poe for your beautiful hospitality xx

If you have a spare million in the bank, the gorgeous Bellingen backpackers is for sale

Flicking through My Darling Lemon Thyme at Jay's dining table made me want to buy a copy soon!

I'm homeschooling River on the road, so I was interested in Tsh's post on the subject

I like Sarah's recipes and tips for healthy travel posts: 

Have you visited Erin in her new space? I am so glad she didn't quit blogging for good.

Veggie gardeners, take inspiration from Soulemama

If you are writing an ebook or wondering where to start, and you can get yourself to Melbourne on Saturday 14th June, I recommend booking into my friend Sam's Publish your Passion workshop.

I'm looking forward to a little more regular posting this week. Happy weekending everyone xx


  1. Thanks for sharing those links. I've been trying to get around new blogs and not stick with my old, but well loved, favourites, and am finding shares like this a really great way of meeting new blogs and sometimes rediscovering ones I'd put aside for a while. Thanks.

    1. Glad I could help Katie. Nothing better than discovering some new blogs to love. Thanks for visiting here. X


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