Thursday, March 22, 2012


Before committing myself to one true love - writing - I flirted with many creative pursuits/enterprises, sewing vintage fabric bags being one of them. It all started with a set of bamboo handles purchased at a garage sale and a piece of vintage turquoise silk from my nana's fabric cupboard. My nan is exceptional at sewing and pattern making and in my mid twenties I decided it was high time I learnt some of her craft and asked her to teach me to sew, starting with bags. I learnt a lot and together we created many one of a kind bags that I sold at various markets around Melbourne.

There came a point though where I felt I was spreading myself a little too thin and that I wasn't allowing myself to be really good at one thing, so I decided while the writing work was coming in it was time to put my energy into that and I'm glad I did because a string of experiences and opportunities came my way that may not have if I hadn't been fully focused.

Now however there's a new sewing project/enterprise calling and while I'm not quite ready to reveal what that is I just had to share something of where the research has taken me. I have revisited one of my favorite suppliers from my bag making days The Dancing Queen .

Lisa who owns The Dancing Queen has been helping me out with some research for my new sewing venture and sent me the links below, even if you don't sew but you have a thing for textiles as I know some people do, enjoy taking a browse...

Bima Wear traditional hand printed designs - fabrics, clothing and linen - by the women of Bathurst Island Tiwi Islands.

At Ink & Spindle hand screen printed textiles, ethical, sustainable and organic printed in Melbourne.

Earthgirl Fabrics check out the tea towels (I have a penchant for screen printed tea towels I have to keep in check)

And while I'm on about all things textiles I do enjoy peeking in to see what's happening at Harvest Textiles in Melbourne so enjoy that too! I haven't visited there for a while and tonight I see my friend's cousin appearing in the Harvest Workroom - nice work Fran. Hi Lucy if you're reading :)

This one too, I found via Soulemama, Mona Luna fabrics. I think the description of the designer, Jennifer Moore's life "...where her work and home are both informed by her love of beauty, nature, art and creative projects' are words many women can relate to, that either they are living this or would like to be living this. 

More food words soon. Happy dreaming, creating, cooking.

(disclosure - since buying fabric from The Dancing Queen I have also done some paid PR work for the store. I am not however being paid in any way shape or form to mention them here).


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