Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the best banana smoothie

I was visiting a friend recently and her fruit bowl had a good number of brown bananas that she planned to turn into a cake. I casually suggested she could freeze some for banana smoothies. This idea was a revelation to my friend one that she felt worth me sharing here. I am reminded that just because something is obvious to me doesn't mean it is obvious to everyone.

The photo of Sol drinking one of the best banana smoothies was taken at Brunswick Heads Health Food Store in New South Wales, where my friend Dave who owns the store introduced me to freezing the fruit first whether it is banana or mango (probably works with berries too but haven't tried it). The effect of freezing the fruit first means that depending on how much milk you use the smoothie becomes like a thick shake or with even less milk borders almost ice cream. This simple step of freezing the fruit (peel it first) will elevate your smoothies from good to memorable.

My basic recipe is banana, rice milk, a splash of vanilla essence, sometimes natural sugar free yoghurt in the blender it goes and then a sprinkle of ground nutmeg on top.

Other optional ingredients (not all in the same recipe) are: honey, spirulina, walnuts, cinnamon, lecithin, raw egg.


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