Friday, September 07, 2012

double happiness

We are counting the sleeps til we board a plane and fly to Coolangatta next Tuesday. On landing we will drive south a little way down the highway to the Northern Rivers Shire and stay with our friends at Tyagarah, just outside of Byron Bay. This 'vintage' photo of River and Sol was taken two years ago on the very lawn at our friends house where we stay each year. (Look at the rolls on Sol's arms!)

It is a journey we have been making annually for the last seven years; Byron Shire has become our second home where we spend time with our other family of friends and walk, swim and surf our other favorite beaches. Well, Pete, River and Sol do the surfing.

How lucky are we to have double happiness?! Not one but two beautiful coastlines we feel connected to in so many ways.

This weekend will be a quiet one spent at home list checking and packing, and resting River and Sol up who are both suffering with ear troubles which is so not ideal with a flight happening in a few days. Hmmm wish me luck.

Some links just for you:

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What are you up to this weekend? What remedies do you use when your children have earaches or ear infections? How is the spring cleansing going? The weekend seems like a good time to add a touch of spring air to cleaning my car inside and out. There seems to be more toys, books, children's clothes and scraps of food in there at the moment than in the house! 
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  1. How exciting and what a lovely location to get away to every year. Gorgeous photo. I'm sure your boys have fun running around on all that grass. Good luck with the preparations and the earaches (I have no remedies, sorry).

  2. Thanks Imogen. Yes I am sooo looking forward to our great escape this year. Winter has felt long as it has for many I know and with the earaches to finish off the season I am very happy to farewell last season! I was told today that some people use colloidal silver as an ear infection remedy...I'll have to research it. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. oh, i just reread, you left today, so exciting, can't wait to hear all about your birthday celebrations. oh and a bit late now but onion is awesome for ear infections either in some warm oil with garlic or just a piece stuck into the ear (big enough to get out of course). have a great time gorgeous one.


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