Tuesday, September 25, 2012

why shop at farmer's markets?

No place does farmer's markets like Byron Shire. Well ok, I know there are fabulous farmer's markets all around Australia but few Shires have four each week! I have shared here my love of Mullumbimby farmer's market and today it is the New Brighton farmer's market that inspired me and fuelled me with... bountiful produce to create a Mexican feast, robust Bangalow Coffee, chocolate coated strawberry fun for River and Sol, guitar and song by local muso Waz Porter that set my boys dancing and sunshine aplenty.
We were up early and hatched a plan to head to the market with our dear friend Ruth who is usually a stall holder selling sprouts that make your body sing with good health. Today Ruth joined us with her one year old twin bubbas who also found their dancing feet to Waz's tunes. It was Ruth's first visit to the market as a customer, she couldn't take two steps without a shopper, stall holder or friend stopping her to chat and that is one of the joys of shopping at a farmer's market - the local community comes together there's always time to talk. 

In my ideal world shopping at farmer's markets would be the norm for more people. Why? 

1. Food sold at farmer's markets is seasonal and super fresh. Eating seasonal food keeps us connected to nature and the natural rhythm of summer, autumn, winter and spring.
2. The environment benefits - reduced packaging, reduced distance the food has traveled, organically farmed produce reduces environmental degradation.
3. The village comes together and connects with each other and directly with the people who grew the food being sold.
4. You can talk to farmers in person about how the food was grown and share cooking tips.
5. Rain or shine shopping for food outdoors is good for the spirit, fresh air no flourescent lighting, no muzac and no confectionary at the checkout!

How about you? Do you like shopping at farmer's markets? Do you have a favorite one? I'd love to hear.

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  1. oh what a beautiful delicious world that would be! you sound like you are having an amazing time, when do you leave? we will be staying in mullumbimby on sunday night, arriving around lunchtime, imagine if we could meet, in real life ('in real life' is one of Ilo's favourite sayings)xxx


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