Friday, September 21, 2012

wild at heart

Aren't these native raspberries exquisite? I wish you could smell and taste them, they are sweet, not particularly juicy and light light as a cloud in your mouth. A punnet of these came home with us this morning from the Mullumbimby farmers market along with strawberries, corn bread, handmade chocolates, sprouts, mangos and chocolate brioche. Deciding what to create with this bounty of berries is currently my favorite thing to think about...

partly because I did something yesterday that I was nervous to do. And now I have much aside from beautiful berries to think about. And act on.

I spent two delicious hours without my gorgeous babes (and parted with a considerable amount of money - 'investment') to talk with a business mentor. I was nervous because I wondered if it would be value for my dollars and if I would learn anything about myself I didn't already know.

I am relieved to report the session was valuable and insightful. To step out of the day-to-day dance I do with family and work for two whole hours and focus on the 'bigger picture' really was heaven! I am getting even clearer about what I truly love to do in my work, what my strengths are and areas to improve are. And that I just have to breathe a little more.

For many mamas being with their children in a focused way and giving deeply of themselves to their family leaves them feeling exhausted and with little juice left for themselves. Pursuing a passion, starting a business requires imagination, creativity, focus and confidence and sometimes those qualities need a little recharge following long stints of mothering.

I am interested to know, are you starting or running a creative business? Have you ever seen a mentor? Was it helpful?

If you are looking for some free online inspiration and information of the building your biz kind, I sometimes visit Leonie Dawson, the Aussie blogger hippy chick mentor of 'business goddesses' and for a completely different style, all American gal Marie Forleo provides food for thought and more importantly straight talking tips for ACTION.

Thanks for reading. 'See you' next week x

spring into spring: if you have a desk or studio have you waved the spring cleaning wand over it yet? This weekend set some time aside to clear your desk or create a workspace for yourself to dream your dreams and build your business or creativity. If you think you are short on space, think again. You will find a space that can be all yours even if it is a basket or box with all your paperwork, craft materials, art supplies. Enjoy the spring inspiration.


  1. Firstly, native raspberries? How fabulous. I had no idea they existed. Secondly, congratulations for being brave and ambitious. Wishing you the best of luck in your business travels.

  2. I had no idea the berries existed either! Thanks for your well wishes I'm looking forward to the adventure x

  3. wow they look delicious, what a bounty from the mullum markets, aren't they wonderful. and yes, hooray for you being all brave and focused. can't wait to hear more about what you got out of it. xxxx

  4. the mullum markets are reason enough alone for us to move here! I will post more about the mentoring session as it unfolds, with space and time more comes to light as is usually the case. Hope all is well with you in Bello. xx


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