Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the first wave

Six am sees us up and heading to the beach most mornings. On this morning River and Sol 'helped' Pete carry his board up the sand at Broken Head. While Pete surfed we warmed ourselves in the sun, doing yoga, drawing sea creatures in the sand, having running races and lazing about.

When the boys spotted Pete making his way out of the water towards us they ran down to meet him and Sol decided he was ready to surf. Off came his clothes and into the water he leapt. River and I looked on as Pete carried the board under one arm and with his other hand gripped Sol's hand lifting him up and over the waves. River commented with pride and not a hint of envy, "Sol is so brave mum". With great glee and delight Sol laid on his tummy on the board and with a nudge from Pete caught his first wave back into shore. A proud surfing moment.

Occasionally my mind wanders forward in time to when I will have mornings and afternoons all to myself while Pete, River and Sol go surfing or fishing together. The day will come. The weekends will come. And does my mind wander to what would that time be like if we also had a daughter? I can with all honesty say I am so thrilled to be the mum of two adorable boys who have a wonderful father who loves them so much and shows it with his time. And perhaps if we had a daughter she would go surfing and fishing too!

Sol and River regularly ask, 'Can we have a baby sister?' to which the answer is sorry, no. (There are no guarantees baby number three would be a sister. Plus Pete and I feel too old for another baby! The boys have started working on me to adopt a baby sister. Sorry boys I don't think that will be happening either).

Right now in this season of their childhoods quiet times for me are few and I wouldn't have it any other way. I never wish for those quiet days to come faster because I know they will be here in a blink. Every single moment together right now is precious. As my wise and wonderful friend Mette says, "the moment is all we really have and if we are somewhere else in ourselves we miss the moment."


  1. oh a beautiful post, as usual. how wonderful for Sol to have caught his first wave, what wonderful mornings you have all been having (very early though). xxxx

  2. thank you lovely for your words. yes very early mornings. ho hum. one day a sleep in will happen! xx


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