Friday, March 15, 2013

friday links

(in our garden)

It's been on my mind to write a post about filtered water. We have a Nikken Pi Mag filter at home and I love drinking our filtered water (and am amazed at how brown the filter becomes). Vanessa over at Slow Heart Sing has written a great post about drinking filtered water. Saves me writing one :)

If you are looking to discover blogs to fall in love with, you'll find a long list of nominees at Village Voices, Voices of 2013 for your favorites!

Find some stress-free, healthy birthday party tips in Sonia's series at Natural New Age Mum (thanks Sonia for the mention :)

Today is Sustainable Seafood Day, here are a couple of seafood friendly posts written by Melbourne food writer Hilary McNevin:

Hilary blogs at Food With Thought, I found Hilary's fabulous fish cooking chart  , it details sustainable fish and best ways to cook them. Fab!

Also on Hilary's blog - open and shut case

**update...unfortunately the Paleo link has been taken down which is a shame because it made some interesting points but perhaps it was attracting unwanted attention! I'm definitely not one for diet fads and this link probably won't appeal to Paleo fans but I found this post The Ugly Truth about Paleo a very interesting read. In my view, there is no one size fits all way to nourish ourselves, being highly restrictive may have some short term benefits but perhaps not the best for long-term health.

I'm looking forward to making pizzas with River and Sol tonight, having our little friend Rosie over for a sleepover and heading to the Emu Plains market tomorrow. Sunday we're off to a family birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Angus! Hi mama Sheri). I hope you have a fun weekend planned. As always thanks for reading and happy wholefood cooking xx


  1. Those markets look absolutely divine! Have a lovely Saturday out :)

    Sophie xo

    1. Thanks Sophie. I am looking forward to coffee and fresh local produce. My boys are looking forward to jumping castle and pony rides! You too have a lovely weekend x

  2. Thanks Nikki. Yes we only replaced our filter quite recently and it was filthy. Makes you realise... They must have taken that Paleo piece down because it's not there anymore...

    1. Thanks Vanessa for alerting me to the missing Paleo post - very annoying when that happens! Happy weekend to you xx

  3. Wonderful post as usual, I could definitely spend a lot of time over at Vanessa's. thanks love

    1. :) yes Vanessa's is a lovely space glad you enjoyed the read xx


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