Sunday, March 10, 2013

sunday's harvest

thank you to my anonymous friend for sharing this photo of her delicious homegrown harvest

I'm reading 'Sunday's Kitchen - Food & Living at Heide' by Lesley Harding and Kendrah Morgan. I am savouring every word, photograph, painting and recipe, feeling completely inspired to tend to our humble kitchen garden with even one ounce of the passion shown by Sunday Reed to her garden.

On page 107 of Harding and Morgan's book:

'I love my kitchen garden so much and I wonder sometimes if you relate me to it and can imagine me working in is true that all these flowers and herbs and veges and roses are my closest friends.' Sunday Reed to Jean Langley 1974

For those not familiar with Sunday Reed's story, Sunday was born into the Baillieu family, a Melbourne establishment family (Sunday was former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu's aunt), together with her husband John the couple supported a number of emerging Australian artists of their time including Sidney Nolan, Joy Hester, Albert Tucker and Charles Blackman.  

In 1934 the Reeds bought a run-down dairy farm in Heidelberg with view to living a simple and self-sufficient life. Sunday's flourishing kitchen garden and the vibrant artistic community that gathered at the Reeds table and to stay in their home has been written about in many articles, books and journals. The property became affectionately known as Heide.

In 1981 Heide became a public museum when Heide Park and Art Gallery was opened and remains a popular destination for nature and art lovers today.

The beautiful harvest in the basket on today's post was grown by a wholefood mama friend (who is remaining anonymous by choice :), my friend emailed me the photo as I was reading the book about Sunday's kitchen garden. And this sparked an idea to invite you lovely readers who grow food to share your harvest photos here and if you are inspired to, share some growing tips, the story of your garden and a harvest recipe.

Silent Sunday will continue alternating perhaps with Sunday's Harvest.

What do you think? Share your harvest photos and story and inspire others to grow some of their food. If you want to take part email me at


  1. I adored this book and any book about Sunday Reed and Heide. The Heart Garden is a particularly favourite read.

    1. Thanks for the tip I will seek out The Heart Garden.


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