Friday, March 01, 2013

friday's feast

We are harvesting cherry tomatoes by the kilo. Daily. Really! I don't know what Pete was thinking when he planted so many plants. Not that I'm complaining. Having a bumper crop of one vegetable or another is one of the many things that I love about having a backyard veggie garden. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with ideas of what to do with the harvest and having enough produce to gift or trade. So far this season we've traded cherry toms for beetroot, coriander, basil, sweet beets, cucumbers, onions and even the local health food store was happy to trade for our usual weekly order of millet bread.

Here is a little list of places I've enjoyed visiting this week:

If you weren't already convinced that eating processed food is bad for you then take a look at this post 'how to read a label' over on the delightful blog Dinner:A Love Story.

Read why Natalie from the little gnomes home didn't quit sugar. Love to hear your thoughts on this!

And via Natalie's post I found nutritionist Emma Sgourakis blog and so enjoyed her post: lose the labels listen to your body

Yipee! apples are in season 

Tired of porridge, toast or fruit for breakfast? Over on econest read Maria's 10 clever breakfast ideas sans grains or sugar

What's happening on the weekend for you? Are you harvesting tomatoes? What are you cooking with them? Happy days to all x 


  1. Nikki, I'm just about to make a cultured tomato sauce! Very excited. I'll be posting the recipe very soon. x

    1. wow. I'm excited too Vanessa. I look forward to the recipe x

  2. Oh I am loving the tom toms at the moment funny. I love this it makes me want to bite in! Passata making here this weekend. xx

  3. This is our first year with a proper vege garden and we've been harvesting many cherry tomatoes too. I made my first ever tomato sauce this week and some relishes will be on the list next. What a fantastic idea to swap some tomatoes for your bread.
    I'm off to have a look at those links now.
    Happy weekend to you


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