Monday, March 25, 2013

roll with it

I couldn't leave without saying goodbye. No it's not forever, just a week. We are heading up the coast to spend Easter with friends on their beautiful property complete with rolling hills and sparkling river.

So I am taking a break from the online world to immerse myself in real life. And I am 'rolling with' the spontaneous nature of this trip and having to change plans for writing posts this week.

Along with the tent and other camping gear I have packed ingredients to make hot cross buns with our friends. If you have never baked your own hot cross buns give it a go this year, go here for my favorite recipe. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter time, whatever it means to you and however you spend it - enjoy! xx


  1. Hope your trip is just lovely. Kellie xx

  2. Finding a hot cross bun recipe was on my list of things to do today so thanks!

    Have a lovely time away!

    Happy Easter! x

  3. Happy Easter tripping and bun making x

  4. have fun gorgeous you, can't wait to hear all about your dining, relaxing and frolicking. xxx


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