Friday, April 05, 2013

friday holiday

Driving long distances with young children is a great test of endurance and patience in my opinion. "Are we there yet?" is a fantastic picture book by Alison Lester but it is not a question I want to hear every 10 minutes for seven hours.

This Easter we drove 630 kilometres up the coast to camp and then stay with friends for a few days on their beautiful property near Bega and then drove home. I am relieved to report that the car trip was actually...easy. In-'flight' entertainment consisted of an audio story and one of those old-fashioned 'Magnadoodle' boards (where you draw with a 'magic' pen and then erase the drawing by sliding a plastic tab across the board), we didn't even play eye-spy once and we don't do technology games or in car movies but somehow the whole road trip experience was smooth.

Wholefood highlights from the trip included: a thermos of dandelion tea that we sipped at our road stops, blueberry buckwheat 'damper' on the campfire, freshly caught salmon cooked on the campfire, a chai picnic on our very own secluded beach, more chai this time from Red Cafe in Bega, organic chicken roasted with herbs and root veggies served with gravy, breakfast of homegrown garlic crushed and fried in butter with an egg fresh from the hen house cracked over the garlic and fried then served on sourdough, homebaked scrumptious spelt hot cross buns, one batch with sultanas and currants and spice the other batch no fruit just chocolate chips!

On Easter Sunday we were at my nan's house where the Easter bunny left the boys a very restrained handful of mini solid eggs.

It was a wonderful road trip adventure and now we are enjoying being back home with ten more days of school holidays stretched before us.

I hope you had a delicious Easter (with or without chocolate!) and now I have some links for you and look forward to being back here with more wholefood happenings.

Pears are in season in these parts, the Mamabake ladies have a sweet recipe for pear, almond and cardomom cake (gluten free)

I love Steph's 'from this to that' posts

Vanessa's posts on lactofermentation (One & Two) are well worth a read especially for those of us going into the cold and flu time of year...healthy guts keep our immune systems strong

This makes me smile: "You should sit in meditation everyday for 20 minutes - unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour" - old Zen adage.

Happy weekending xx


  1. Hello Nikki, the menu you enjoyed on your journey has made me hungry,sounds delicious! I love the old Zen adage, it made me smile, cos it's true! enjoy the rest of the school holidays. xx

  2. Hi Judith, I was just over at your blog last night and see your birthday is this month...happy birthday! The Zen adage is too true :) Thanks for stopping by. xx

  3. What delicious wholefood moments, i read it over and over just to savour it. How was Bega we have never been but have heard wonderful things, we have dear old friends there but have never visited. A delightful post as usual.

  4. Jay you do make me smile reading it over and over :) Bega is a good place for a stop on the way through to a coastal camp. There is a lovely market in Bega on a Friday with local food and handmades so when you visit your friends time it for Friday xx


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