Friday, April 26, 2013

friday out of the bag

I received an invitation during the week from Sonia over at Natural New Age Mum, asking me if I wanted to come to her blog party today and join other natural new age mamas revealing the contents of their handbags. We can't talk about food all the time can we? Well ok we can but for today you're subjected to the contents of my handbag before we get to the links.

The photo of my beloved old bag does not do the brilliant colour justice, Pete bought it for my birthday about four years ago I think I'll ask for an update this birthday. 

The contents always surprises me, what a random mix of things:

Sunglasses that need repair
Sunglasses that I wear
A selection of toy cars, wild animals, a rubber ball and a pirate, I whip these out anytime Sol needs entertaining when we are out and about
My pratten wallet that I bought the year Pete gave me the bag
A handmade zip up purse sewn by me, handy for lip gloss, hairbands, tampons, anything small I don't want rolling around the bottom of my bag
Theatre tickets, a keepsake of my day out with River to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Fabric paints I picked up with the idea of the boys decorating t-shirts sometime
Another overdue library book reminder notice
Mobile phone (I wish they'd never been invented)
I'm so old fashioned I actually get photos printed out!!
A packet of mild curry spice from gourmet organic herbs I picked up for my aunty who I am so proud of for diligently sticking to her 3 month detox with Dr Gruba

And the only other thing that goes in there daily is my camera 

Happy handbag party natural new age mamas. Thanks for the invite Sonia!

Now on with friday's links:

For those of you who didn't quit sugar, or those of you who did and didn't feel great about it I found a site and ebook written by a couple of Aussie nutritionists called 'I Didn't Quit Sugar'. Interesting!

Living greener lives is something we all must do, click on over to The Spruiker and Tiny Green Hands and pick up a few tips. Welcome to blogging land ladies look forward to watching you grow and inspire us all to think of the earth first.

From Zara, a new reader here, comes this carrot cake recipe that calls for steamed carrots and a pinch of cloves.

Noe if you are reading, where did your beautiful blog go? ...I planned to link to it today and it seems to have disappeared. Email me if you prefer.

Have you seen Michael Pollan's latest book? Cooked

Marianne Williamson's latest book is off topic but it's on my wishlist The Law of Divine Compensation I loved this interview Marianne did with Marie Forleo.

If you are considering buying a Thermomix or have no idea what one is, the Mamabake ladies have a great post for you and while you're over there check out their latest recipes paleo gluten free chicken kiev anyone? what about easy vegan sweet potato and quinoa?

Oh and thanks to a link by Sonia there's been a an influx of likers on my facebook page. hello and welcome! And if you are on fb and haven't found The Wholefood Mama page yet, here it is.

Hooray the weekend is here again. I hope yours is delicious and that you get at least one bliss filled moment that's just for you. I'm getting a whole day without children in Melbourne at a cooking class - lucky me! More about that next week x


  1. I too keep a little handmade zipper purse inside my bag to make finding all those little odds and ends easier.
    Thank you for mentioning the carrot cake recipe too.

  2. That's a pleasure Zara. I look forward to making it some time soon x


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