Monday, April 29, 2013

the path to healing

Today's post is inspired by beautiful and courageous mama, Sonya Koeck. Sonya is on her path to healing an aggressive form of breast cancer that she was diagnosed with five years ago and she is leaving no path untraveled in doing so.

I am writing this today to share Sonya's story but also to shine a light on the difficult decisions that people diagnosed with cancer and many other serious illnesses are confronted with.

Which healing path to take? Sonya so rightly makes the point that in Australia the approach to treatment is very much western medicine versus natural medicine, it is either/or, whereas in countries such as Germany the two are integrated. There are in Australia exceptions: doctors, specialists, natural medicine practitioners who are open to integrating both approaches but they are few and far between and seeking these people out can be an exhaustive process physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. It shouldn't be this way.

Sonya's healing path has taken her from New South Wales away from her beloved husband and young children, to Germany where she is receiving wholistic treatment unavailable in Australia. Sonya is deeply committed to her healing, doing everything within her power meditating daily, eating a purely organic diet, remaining positive and staying connected to her faith, she is responding well to treatment in Germany but is having to say no to certain treatments available there because they are costly and her funds are low. I don't believe not having enough money should be a barrier to accessing effective health care for any person. To my mind this is purely a matter of distribution of currency, meaning money moves around the world all day every day some people have a lot some people have a little and everyone spends it differently. I believe in philanthropy and I don't believe you need to have a million dollars in the bank to be a philanthropist. I believe in the power of giving, the amount is one thing but the act of giving is another.

Sonya has learnt a tremendous amount about western medicine and natural medicine on her healing journey and when she is well she would like to share that knowledge with people who find themselves in her position to help guide them where no guide book exists.

In her pro-active way, Sonya has set up a crowd-funding page so she can continue receiving treatment in Germany and return home well to her family.

You can read in detail Sonya's story on her funding page and if you are able to make a financial contribution you can do so directly on the page. Every dollar adds up. I donated $20 last night because that is what I had, when I consider I spend $30 a week on buying coffee I figure I can afford to donate more during the next month.

I have never met Sonya. I have met her beautiful family, Sonya and her family are beloved friends of people close in my life, and as a woman, a wife and mother I am deeply moved by their situation.

I share this story today because I can, because social media can be positively life changing. This post is not just to ask you to donate money, perhaps you can't right now. I also share it because cancer is an all too common diagnosis and I invite you take a moment to let go of what is not important and join me in being immensely grateful for good health when you have it.

Big blessings to the beautiful Sonya from the Wholefood Mama community, and blessings to each of you too dear readers especially those whose lives in one way or another have been affected by cancer. Thank you for reading this today. xx

To donate or share Sonya's page go here Onya Sonya - Sonya's Future Fund


  1. Testing testing.... It's been a bit quiet in the comments and a couple of people have emailed to say they couldn't leave a comment.

  2. Hahaa. The path to healing is not always straight forward. Thanks for sharing Sonya's story and her courage. x

    1. True Nat thanks for your comment. The path is unsignposted and can have many detours and uturns and I think that is part of what Sonya wants to share, her experience and knowledge of finding the way clear. x

  3. yes, thank you for sharing, it confounds me that Australia doesn't embrace a holistic approach to treating cancer (and many other illnesses), making it quite daunting for those looking for other options. xxx

    1. welcome back lovely Jay. We've missed you! I think things are slowly slowly changing in Australia but not fast enough for those who are looking for treatment at this moment. Thanks for your words here xx

    2. Just popped over to Sonya's page thank you dear Jay for your contribution xxx

    3. And to any other readers whose names I do not recognise there or who may have contributed anonymously. Thank you xx (the campaign runs until June 11, 2013)


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