Friday, April 12, 2013

figgy friday

I started today with a green smoothie of frozen banana, a beautiful ripe fig, a big handful of baby spinach leaves, filtered water and a smidge of raw honey. I followed that up with a walk and some time to write. Pete has taken the boys to play by the ocean. A perfect start to the day!

For those on school holidays I hope you've had a wonderful time, that everyone stayed well and sibling bickering, tears and tantrums were kept to a minimum. School resumes here on Monday. I am savouring the weekend days ahead. Autumn has been very kind to us with plenty of sunshine to enjoy park and beach plays, markets and long walks.

A holiday highlight for me was taking River to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, an excellent production not a flat or boring moment to be seen.

On with today's links:

Natural New Age mum has written yet another great post, this time a how-to on meal planning 

There is growing evidence linking gut health and autism, read about it here on Real Food Forager

In case you missed my friend Luci and I sharing our birth stories in the newspaper last weekend here is the link...keep the tissues handy it is a story of love, loss and healing.

Very excited to see Jude Blereau's latest book Wholefood Baking is close to being launched. Jude is running a competition on her facebook page where you can win a copy of her book. To enter you need to submit a favorite recipe that you would like Jude to re-write so that it is a healthier or allergy free version ie no wheat/dairy/gluten/refined sugar. You can find details here. Good luck!

Happy weekending xx

Are you a green smoothie fan? What is your favorite green smoo recipe?


  1. School holidays started here today at 3pm - Yay!
    Sadly our fig tree finished sharing its bounty with us a few weeks ago - but it was good while it lasted. You know, I don't make green smoothies - maybe I should give one a try. I'm a banana/yoghurt/chia seeds/berries/flax meal/almond meal smoothie fan. I'm addicted to sprouted buckwheat pancakes at the moment. Dairy/egg/basically everything free. My kids love them too.
    Have a great weekend Nikki.

    1. Yes Michelle give a green smoothie a go I think you will love it! Is the recipe for sprouted buckwheat pancakes on your blog? x

    2. Nope...but have been thinking I might blog about them.

  2. Amazing story of strength, love and what a beautiful connection you and Luci have. One to be treasured. I"m so happy you shared it. x

    1. Thanks lovely. Hope you are having a delicious weekend x

  3. I love figs and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!! Thanks for adding me this week Nikki. Love your work. xx

    1. That's a pleasure Sonia. The feeling's mutual - love your work too! xx


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