Friday, July 05, 2013

friday apple pie

(this photo made me laugh. total fluke that I snapped it right when the seagull was above River's head)

First week of the school holidays almost over it has gone so quickly. How about for you? And I have to admit the wholefood highlights have been slim because we have eaten out more than we usually do and it has left me feeling quite blah. Oh well nothing a few dandelion teas and green smoothies won't fix.

River asked if we could look up the healthiest foods in the world and the unhealthiest foods in the world, it was a fun thing to do and River was interested to see which foods on the healthy list were ones that we regularly eat and we both agreed that the we thought the unhealthiest foods would actually be worse than the list we found.

Loving Dovedale gluten free chia bread at the moment. (unsponsored)

Looking forward to baking Mette's apple pie today to take to dinner at Robin's tonight.

Have you entered Vanessa's luscious skincare giveaway?

Need a little help getting through winter? Simple Green Smoothies 30 day challenge may be just the tonic.

Happy weekend one and all. Look forward to sharing this space with you again next week xx


  1. Really enjoying the school holidays here. I've had some lovely one-on-one time with Luca and this weather is just heavenly. We were all in t-shirts today! And thanks for sharing Nikki. x

  2. T-shirts! What are they? It's all gumboots, coats and scarves here. Freezing cold! Only 5 sleeps til we are in Byron Bay just checked the weather there - 21 today. Yes please! Looking forward to the giveaway winner announcement. xx


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