Wednesday, July 17, 2013

postcard from the Northern Rivers shire

I've been thinking of you all, dear readers as we settle into our Northern Rivers rhythm wishing I could capture every ounce of the beauty and magic I feel when we stay here. Yes, magic. And possibility, I always feel a greater sense of what is possible when we are here. 

I feel so lucky to have not one but two incredibly beautiful locations to call home. I fell in love with Byron Bay and surrounds from the moment I arrived here eight years ago and have made some of my closest friends here. Do you have a home away from home?

The days are warm, the mornings cool enough for steaming bowls of porridge pictured above. And the evenings cool too, cool enough for lentil and veggie soup, dahl, and pumpkin, lentil and silverbeet lasagne. I'm working on the recipe for the lasagne for you. 

Our beyond generous friend, David, who we stay with is vegetarian, so for the time we are in his home we happily adopt a vegetarian diet. I am enjoying the creativity of coming up with vegetarian meals each night, ones that we will all enjoy. I was inspired to make nori rolls tonight because they tick both the boxes - vegetarian and everyone loves them. I think I'll be spending more time over at Veggie Mama this month.

I am conjuring up some Byron Bay wholefood posts featuring Peace Love and Vegetables, and Puremelt chocolate.

Love to hear your favorite vego recipes. Leave me some links in the comments if you have vego posts to share. Happy days xx

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  1. such a delicious time you seem to be having, delicious and nurturing. We are loving Peace, love and vegetables down here, next level sauerkraut, with the number one ingredient being 'love particles'! love to you and your lovelies. xxx


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