Tuesday, July 23, 2013

wholefood cafe love: federal doma cafe

When I lived in Melbourne and worked as a reviewer of cafes and restaurants, eating out was a daily part of my life. I enjoyed it at the time but am very happy to have moved in a different direction,  now cooking and eating at home for ninety five percent of the meals that my family and I eat. I still enjoy a coffee in a cafe most days but most cafe food leaves a lot to be desired on the wholefood front. Cooking at home is better for my health and bank balance. All that said, when we are in Byron Bay and surrounds there are more options available to eat out AND eat well. The Federal Doma Cafe is a fine example.

Last Friday, my friend Ruth, her twins, my boys River and Sol, and I started our day with haircuts by Norico, in her beautiful studio that overlooks a lush valley and coffee plantation. Her children played with our children and we each took it in turns to have a new do.

Two hours later we farewelled Norico and her children and took a short drive to the Federal Doma Cafe.

Order through the front window for take away or if you're taking a seat out the front. Head to the side door if you want to select from the ready-to-go sushi packs on the counter or to place your order and find a seat at one of the two inside tables or grab a cushion and find a place on the wooden floor of traditional Japanese doma room. The doma room is perfect for dining with small children.
My boys worked their way through sushi with avocado and then a version with tuna and crunchy tempura crumbs sprinkled on top before delving into a plate of cone shaped hand rolls filled with rice, avocado and haloumi. Ruth and the twins enjoyed a plate of teriyaki chicken with rice and salad. The coffee was perfect and though we didn't try dessert there were brownies or green tea panna cotta on display that looked worth going back for.

I deliberately avoided telling my boys that there were things on the menu other than Japanese food, but I'll share with you that there are home made burgers (meat and vegetarian), hot chips, and a daily specials board menu to choose from. 

The only, and I say only, thing that jarred me a little was that everything was served on disposable plates and coffee is only available in disposable cups, yes they were bamboo and biodegradable but still I just have a thing about how much disposable 'stuff' there is in the world and the message it sends to our children. There are other cafes around the Byron Shire that do this and the theory is that it is less taxing on the environment than washing plates and cups. I'm not convinced.

I digress though, a trip to federal doma cafe is well worth it. Perhaps take your own cup and plate.


  1. I'd just been thinking the same thing re the biodegradable plates etc. You are right. It's increasingly common around the Northern Rivers. The Rock and Roll Coffee Company in Mullum, for another example. I'm sure it also saves staff doing the washing up. But I still get twitchy when I see the great pile of used plates and cups in the various restaurant bins :)

    PS - do try doma's green tea panna cotta!

  2. Hey, when you're holding the baby, you don't want to suddenly feel wetness coming through on those newly washed clothes. I found it pretty annoying to have to change the diapers, toss the clothes in the laundry, and wash the baby with the other brands, when I should have been playing with the baby. I think honest diapers did a fine job.

  3. Hi! Norico looks lovely! Could you let me know how to contact her love?! Thanks so much! moniquegermon@gmail.com


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