Friday, July 19, 2013

friday light

Rain is falling here this morning. Thanks to Sol our days have been beginning early. Like 5am early. Slowly, slowly he is adjusting to being in a different house, sleeping in a different bed and finding his Northern Rivers rhythm. Oh how I rejoice on the rare morning he sleeps until 7am (as does the rest of the sleeping house. Sorry Dave and Tiff).

(River busking at Byron Farmer's market)
Leftovers will become breakfast this morning. Cooked brown rice leftover from nori rolls and a big, pink, crisp and juicy Pink Lady apple that Sol took two bites from yesterday. I'll grate the apple into the rice, add some rice milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon and heat them through perhaps a little grated ginger too. Warming, nourishing and delicious.

On with the links:

How good does Michelle's tomato soup with chicken, pesto and Iggy's croutons look?!

I haven't visited 101 cookbooks for a while but this smashed avocado combo drew me in...

We are eating vegetarian while we're here in the Northern Rivers so I've been looking around for veggie recipes. I like the sound of Veggie Mama's Stuffed Peppers.

Paleo fans - do you agree with BodyEcology that plants are the missing piece in the Paleo diet?

If you've ever read the magazine Dumbo Feather I think you'll enjoy reading this interview with its editor and publisher Berry Liberman a dynamic and energetic woman and mother of three under the age 5 including a four month old baby!! Yes I know the mere thought of editing and publishing a magazine and mothering three children is overwhelming and exhausting let alone actually living it. I am happy though to read about someone else doing it!

Ok. I'm off to eat that porridge and get ready for a drive to Coorabell where I will see Norico, a beautiful Japanese lady who works as a hairdresser from her delightful home studio overlooking a lush valley. The studio is built out of recycled materials and is uncluttered and calming to be in as is being in Norico's company. I'm going with my friend Ruth, her little twin boy is having his first haircut and then we'll head out with the children for a sushi lunch in nearby Federal...please sunshine if you are listening be out and shining by lunchtime.

Happy weekend everyone. Thanks for reading xx


  1. He's so brave, busking! CHeck out petite kitchen - so many amazing vegetarian recipes, one my favourites is the eggplant involtini. I promise you it's a winner! Kellie xx

    1. Thanks Kellie for the tip I will check it out. I know isn't River so brave! Especially considering he only knows how to play six chords and no real songs yet. He played three chords over and over and made about $10 in half hour he was so proud of himself as were we.


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