Friday, October 18, 2013

friday we love you

I'm spending hours at the computer these days which isn't ideal but I am working on projects that I'm passionate about and for that I am happy and grateful.

Project number 1 is my ebook. I'm writing, thinking, reading, researching, tying my brain into a pretzel and out again as I work towards creating a book that will help anyone who wants to move their family from eating a processed diet to eating a natural one. I'm compiling real life stories, tips and recipes for how you can raise your children to eat nourishing food in these times of factory food. Watch this space!...

While researching I came across this interesting read - The bitter truth about fructose alarmism

And then while procrastinating researching I discovered Blogcademy world tour, if you don't have a spare $750 to go on the world tour I found Fabulous Blogging for you there's lots of great FREE tips about blogging

On the topic of creativity have you heard about the Creative Women's Circle?

If you're looking for some breakfast ideas click on over here.

Moving on from breakfast to er, dark chocolate and hazelnut cake

This week I've been made aware of a fantastic parenting site Positive Parenting Connect (PPC), if you're feeling a bit low on inspiration in the parenting stakes click on over, I found this post on siblings and teasing really insightful. Thanks to Kerry from Kids in Harmony, another beautiful site, for getting in touch and introducing me to PPC.

Motherhood. It's a big gig. Check out this new site that is calling all mamas to action, bringing us together to support and celebrate each other in all that we do and are - The Mother Movement

In my *spare* time I'm working on the PR for Pete's new book Fire & the Story of Burning Country that will be released next month and lending a hand on the other major project Pete is co-ordinating - Culture is Life

What I'm really looking forward to is Sunday when I hop in my car and drive up the freeway to Melbourne. All. By. Myself. to wander around the Sustain organic expo and see my friend Samantha Gowing launch her book The Healing Feeling.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope that Spring warmth finally kicks in here in Victoria! See you back here next week. As always, thanks for visiting x


  1. Thanks Sonia. I am really looking forward to it, I will enjoy it for you too! And share some highlights here. Have a great weekend x


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