Monday, October 21, 2013

monday musings - on food + money part 2

Monday is the day I veer off topic and muse about something other than wholefood...

Last monday I posted about the link between dieting and budgeting and made the point that no one really likes doing either of those things but everyone wants to feel great in their skin and be excited to open their bank statement. Yes I said excited to open their bank statement.

How did you go keeping your food or spending diary? did you find it helpful? eye opening? keep going with it, doing it for a month gives a good picture of your eating or earning/spending habits and then with awareness that's where you can begin to make changes.

So today I promised some more tips and tools for making changes in these two important areas of your life.

1. Make peace with your past. We can't change the past but the problem is that you may still be carrying emotional baggage from your past that is weighting you down and/or keeping you broke. Releasing the emotions associated with your food or money past is essential for healing and freeing you up to tread a new path. You can try doing this by yourself, writing in a journal or sitting in meditation and seeing what feelings come up or you can find a counsellor to do this work with one who can support and guide you. When I have been to see a counsellor I have always found one by asking friends for recommendations - better to have someone who is tried and tested! I am a fan of breath and bodywork, this sort of work taps into the stored feelings we have in our bodies it works on a deeper level than just talking. You can read more about this sort of work here.

2. Ask for help. This is not an easy thing for every person to do - I am terrible at it! I have an overwhelming desire to be able to everything myself - perfectly! Totally ridiculous behaviour but it is one of my life lessons that I must remind myself not to expect that I can master every single aspect of my life on the first go. I have my darling mother to thank for this trait because this is what she modelled to me when I was growing up and I see now that it did not serve her well either. I was talking to a wise friend about this one day and my friend asked, 'what did you want your mum to do differently?' I thought about it and said 'I wished she had of asked for help'. And that was an answer not only for my mum but for me. And perhaps for you?

It is ok not to know where to start or how to move forward, if you take a moment to consider the people in your life who can help you with some skills to feel good in your skin or flourish with your finances pluck up the courage and ask them. I am learning that people love to help, it makes them feel good too and if you are feeling embarrassed about asking or fearful that they will say no be brave and ask anyway otherwise you will stay stuck. If they say no they weren't the right person to help, ask someone else. I remind myself when I need to - 'you can rest, but never give up'.

Some recommended reading...

I am currently reading Kate Northrup's Money A Love Story, it is excellent because it is not a personal finance book it is all about facing up to and healing the relationship women have with their money. Written in an engaging style with exercises to complete in each chapter.

When I'm not reading Kate's book I am reading Marianne Williamson's latest beautiful book The Law of Divine Compensation - On Work, Money and Miracles. This is not light reading folks, it is the sort of book that you read a page and take a while to let it sink in. Marianne's writing is so dense with information that one page a day is biting off enough to chew for a while.

A book recommended to me many years ago was Dr Susan Taylor's Sexual Radiance 21 day program for vitality and sensuality. This is another excellent book, it encompasses nutrition, exercise and breathwork and while the focus is not purely weight loss the program is all about optimising your metabolism and once you've done that weight loss will follow.

For more tips on weight loss read this post I wrote last year.

I hope that is helpful to you in some way. Tomorrow I'll be sharing photos and stories from my day at Sustain organic expo. Thanks for reading and if you feel like sharing some tips or thoughts in the comments go right ahead I love hearing from you x

**I am not a doctor or a financial counsellor. Please seek professional advice if you need to.

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