Friday, October 11, 2013

friday wrap

I finally have my new camera! Hurrah. Prepare for photo overload.

Interesting research findings: children who eat the same food as their parents have healthier diets

Following on from that, I am regularly asked how to deal with 'fussy eaters' this article provides some pretty sound advice.

Is gluten linked to depression?

I love essential oils, here is a great little guide to which oil can be used for what on a great blog I've just discovered.

Are you following Heather's living yoga series?

Interesting new book about growing food in cities.

I enjoyed reading Heidi's story from 101 cookbooks about her path to eating real food.

If you're looking for some vegetarian inspiration and haven't been over to Green Kitchen Stories for a while - go now!

My fabulous wholefoodie sister-in-law Davini has been raving to me about Jamie Oliver's new book Save with Jamie, do you have it and love it too? Tell me your favorite recipe you've tried. Davini's is chicken four ways, apparently it was a hit with everyone at her place.

What's on for you this weekend? We are heading to Melbourne to see a long time friend's new baby boy - can't wait! How I love babies. Have a lovely couple of days and I'll see you back here next week. Thanks for reading xx oh and if you haven't found me on facebook yet here I am!


  1. I am doing two shifts over the weekend, however do weekend stuff with the family on Monday - hope to go to the beach and then plant some of my seedlings, do some playing and painting with the boys.

  2. Love the sound of your Monday Mands. When you say 'shifts' what do you work as?


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