Wednesday, December 11, 2013

mini post: been meaning to quit soy milk? me too

I'm focusing on finishing my ebook and have written a series of mini posts to tide you over til I'm back. Thanks for reading! 

I switched from cows milk to soy milk in 1997 when I went to see a naturopath about the debilitating recurring sinus infections I was suffering, she recommended I quit all dairy for at least one month and switch to soy. I haven't had a sinus infection since. All these years later I still haven't quit soy.

I drink one soy coffee most days and a soy chai on the other days. Perhaps one cup is ok? My instincts tell me it's not. Each month I go for a few days sometimes up to 10 days with no coffee and hence no soy and then I edge back into it. I think eventually I will move beyond it.

This post: The Soy Decoy Don't be Deceived provides some strong food for thought plus a whole series of links worth looking at on this topic.

Where are you at with soy? Do you drink cows milk with coffee?


  1. Oh yes, I absolutely hear you. I actually detest what soy has become in our world, so morphed that it isn't actually a recognisable food in many cases. We avoid it as much as we can (really aware of soy protein isolates and all that crazy stuff), even rarely having tofu BUT only recently both Scott and I realised we have to shake our soy coffee addiction, it just tastes so good. Scott has been dabbling with cream in his coffee, which he quite likes but i have been left wanting, sometimes avoiding beverages all together. Not sure where to go, even dandy's aren't as great without soy. Hmmm. Have tried nutty milks but they don't cut it either. So I am in limbo at the moment but we are happy with the leap. Soy does freak me out. xxx Hope the ebook is going fabulously, i can't wait. xxxx

  2. How timely Nikki! I decided to quit soy coffee about three weeks ago and went back to black. I don't know how I got into the soy, I have always drunk black at home and also when I lived in Europe. I still eat tofu every couple of weeks seeing as we don't eat much meat here and I like the texture in rice paper rolls etc.

    Hope your writing is going well! Luna. x

  3. Oh yes I hear you! Soy seemed like the great dairy alternative at the beginning, and it tastes so good in chai and dandy. As Jay said nut milks just don't cut it, though I am slowly embracing almond milk..homemade with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom, goes well with chai. Xx

  4. I used to be a soy girl (good vegan) but I switched to cow's milk coffee when I got back east from WA because no cafe's used nice soy milk back then, and I've been friends with dairy ever since. I'm lucky I don't have issues with it, and I try to always get organic/non-homogenised for the whole estrogen thing, and. I'm happy with that. I like that whole milk is a whole food, especially compared with the process of making soy milk. Cheers :-)


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