Friday, June 29, 2012

winter daze

Winter light is so moody. And magical. At times dull and heavy, and then crisp and sharp; shades of grey and pink and then a welcome tease of winter sun streaming from a cloudless blue sky.

I interrupted our game of kick to kick (football) yesterday afternoon to take Sol and River out on to the road outside our house and admire the winter sun setting in the distance and the warm golden spotlight it was casting on the moonah trees. For me it was a slice of winter wonder. I am looking hard to find and savour these warming moments.

Today school's out early today. The holidays are here! Must be time to make a list:

- Seeing snow is high on River's wishlist, as is ice skating. Seeing snow means going to a mountain which may happen for a day trip but I have found a cheeky alternative until that happens. The ice skating rink at Docklands in Melbourne holds Ice Fun sessions for Under 8's including ice and snow play. Perfect! For readers visiting Melbourne over the holidays there are other school holiday activities for other age groups on at the skating rink.

-Winter is perfect for long hot baths and as we live about 10kms from The Peninsula Hot Springs this is definitely on our holiday list.

-In the kitchen, I am inspired to make this cinnamon, vanilla and sunflower butter on the fabulous 101 cookbooks site.

-Next to food one of my other great loves is flowers. The colours, flowers, photography I stumbled upon by Amy Merrick is quite exquisite if you feel like gazing at beauty for a moment.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to sharing more winter moments, school holiday fun and some recipes to try with your children, including Jude Blereau's excellent almond, oat, choc chip biscuits - sweet and nourishing. Thanks Jude!  'See' you back here next week.


  1. your boys are SO lucky Nicki. I'm inspired by this post to 'stop' and enjoy the fleeting moments with intentionality

    xo em

  2. Aw thanks Em. My wonder at light is influenced by the fact I'm married to a photographer so we do talk about what the light is doing a fair bit around here. It always surprises me with blogging that it is the little things that seem so day-to-day to the person writing them are often the things that are inspiring to others xx

  3. It is so easy to get weighed down with the greyness that Winter brings but with it comes a softness that is also special in it's own way. I think it is wonderful that you teach your boys to look for the beauty that can be found in every moment. Enjoy your holidays with your boys. xx

  4. thanks Catherine. It sounds cliche but it really is the best to savour the moment, each moment really is all we have. I hope you too are having a lovely holiday xx


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