Monday, June 04, 2012

be careful what you wish for

Early last week I was thinking about dropping River off at school, returning home with Sol and 'taking the day off'. Day off = instead of focusing all my energy into finding a way to work through my list of tasks and balance it out with activities with/for Sol I would just be. Instead of a 'to do' list, 'to be' was the goal (see I still need a goal). But when you are a parent you can't call the office and say 'I won't be in today' so this plan was going to be my next best thing.

What happened? The morning after I had the 'take a day off' thought, I woke up with a sore throat. As any mother will tell you, catching a cold when you are a mum does not equate to sipping lemon tea and quiet bed rest whilst your body does its healing work. No. Having a cold when you are a mum, well in my experience, equates to making a speedy recovery because domestic duties, family life and freelance writing with a sore throat, aches, chills and headache is no fun.

So while I didn't put myself to bed for a whole day I did sip lemon, ginger, honey and echinacea tea, I did have a nap one day when Sol had his (me sleeping in the day is unheard of, I relish that quiet time to be awake on my own) I also sipped chicken broth laden with garlic, I gargled saltwater, I skipped reading duty at school, cancelled a trip to Melbourne and basically I was on a 'go slow' for the week. Each of those small healing details - rest, remedies and saying 'no' - added up to me feeling better, feeling like I had nurtured myself and that I was recharged.

If you are in the midst of a cold I wish you the best with finding moments of renewal, ditto if you are caring for sickies. And if you're wishing for a 'day off' make it a very clear wish that doesn't include catching a cold!

What happens in your house when you have a cold? Who looks after you?

Happy Monday.


  1. We have chickenpox in our house at the moment. The 8 year old had it badly for 10 days, the 6 year old now has it (although has been immunised, and it seems to be a very mild dose) and there's a 4 year old who may well get it yet!! Lots of drawing, movies, soup, baths, cups of tea, board games by the fire and using the time to potter with the sickies rather than feel drawn to housey jobs or get frustrated at inability to leave quarantine! Ulllmmmmm!.......Lx

  2. Well done to you for surrendering to being with the sickies. Here's to a speedy recovery for all x


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