Friday, June 22, 2012

happy weekending

I'm still doing my best to embrace winter, especially because winter has well and truly embraced Victoria. Rain has been falling day and night, the chill factor is high and snowflakes are floating onto the mountains. Sol and I spent this morning watching the ferry sail off from Sorrento to Queenscliff and then wandered around our local organic farm.

I do love a list of links, here is one to inspire you to get crafty, cook and give a big squeeze to your loved ones. Happy weekending x 

-It makes perfect sense I have a thing for books, I am a writer after all but I especially have a thing for handmade books such as the gorgeous ones made by the Hungry Girls. So, I was fairly excited to find this bookmaking tutorial on DesignMom with words and pictures to guide me through making my own!

-If textiles are more your idea of getting crafty visit Prints Charming and then take a look at Imogen Eve's gorgeous embroidered heart quilt

- Researching bread stories and recipes to share with River's class next week took me to this recipe for Ethiopian spiced honey bread. Sounds good to me.

- 'She said YES!' If you're a sucker for a real life love story go here

- I can't let today's post go by without sharing with you some links about my late and Great brother-in-law Peter Malcolm. It is three years today since Pete left this earthly life and I feel really blessed to have known such a vibrant and loving soul. Ah, sigh. We miss you Pete! Read about some of Pete's life work here and here.


  1. Thanks for the link. That Ethiopian spiced honey bread sounds absolutely delicious. And those handmade books, so simple and clever.


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