Friday, June 15, 2012

happy weekending

photo by Pete

This weekend I am looking forward to:

- Reading up on fermented foods and in particular fermented sourdough to share with you next week.
- Experimenting with more recipes from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar cookbook.
- Working on my own recipes for snacks and lunch box fare.
- Making knights helmets with River and Sol.
- Perhaps rugging up and making the trip to Melbourne to go to the Emerge World Music Festival where there will be an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, cultural workshops, story telling circle, and of course lots of live music.

Around the web:

- For readers who have children age two and a half, this post written by Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids about behaviour at this age and stage is worth a read
- And if you are looking for a good alternative to 'time out' this post also by Nicole explains what to do
- If you live in Melbourne or Sydney here is your opportunity to hear American journalist and author of The Omnivore's Dilemma Michael Pollan speak next month. Thanks Phillippa for the heads up
- If you are hungry for beautiful food photography and stories check out Sated, a new online food magazine
- And for those feeling the chill of winter, Jude Blereau's Soul Version Red Beans and Rice will warm you body and soul.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the pleasures of whichever season you're in, be that winter, summer, testing times with teenagers, or fun times with two and a half year olds who exude in equal measure mischief and magic.

photo by Pete

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  1. delicious pictures. looking forward to hearing about the snacks you create and reading all those links, hmmm no time now, maybe later. xxxx
    oh and i will make a comment regarding curries soon, oh how to chose just one. xxx


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