Tuesday, December 04, 2012

cherry ripe

They're here! Those completely delightful plump, crimson stone fruit that herald Christmas here in Australia.

Cherry season is short - November to January - I'm happy to eat them everyday they're available. And so it seems are River and Sol. For the past few mornings we have eaten them for breakfast, the boys have hunted through the bowl looking for cherries joined by the stem to hang over their ears, some childhood pleasures are timeless.

There are over 1000 cherry varieties and while the crimson varieties are the most widely available, there are varieties that merge into deep purply black colours and yellow skinned varieties too. Sweet cherries are the ones we love to eat fresh, the sour varieties are best for cooking.

Cherries are a good source of vitamin C and are rich in health giving antioxidants making them perfect for breakfast, lunchboxes, snacks or dessert. Anytime really!

Living on the Mornington Peninsula I am lucky to live near cherry orchards where visitors can pick their own. This is the first year River and Sol have been old enough to join me on a cherry harvest. If the weather is friendly this weekend we will head to Red Hill Cherry Farm and pick cherries straight from the source.

How about you?  Are cherries a favorite? Do you eat them fresh or cook with them?  


  1. Oh yum - I love cherries.
    Sadly, no cherries on Norfolk Island! We don't import fruit here - in fact we only import ginger, onions and potatoes, everything else is grown locally.
    Eat a bowl of cherries for me x

  2. i adore eating them any old way ... they really do remind me of the festive season. enjoy the farm!

  3. oh they are so delightful, i love spitting the pips and sucking on the stalks. bring them on in bowl fulls.

  4. We love cherries too and devour as many as we can over the Christmas/summer period :) How lovely to have be able to pick your own nearby x


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