Friday, December 07, 2012

friday in december

Seventeen days until Christmas Day...I plan to start making and posting cards today. I'm dreaming of spending tomorrow morning out and about by myself to ponder and purchase a few books and clothes for River and Sol. Making panforte is on my looking-forward-to-list next week.

How are your pre-Christmas days looking?

A linky list...

Herbal remedies made simple. The family who run this business look SO healthy. More nettle tea for me. Great information, love the look of the herbal remedy home starter kit. I wonder if there is an Australian equivalent to this site?

Strawberry, coconut and almond smoothie? yes please!

Here's a recipe for sugar free chocolate coconut bars

For traditional Christmas baking recipes visit Local is Lovely 12 Days of Baking series. The second recipe from the series Adelaide's Panpepato caught my eye because it is a variation on panforte which I love. The recipe also caught my eye because almost ten years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Adelaide on a work trip. With a group of other food writers we traveled to Canada to witness a cranberry harvest. Business class travel, super fancy restaurants, boutique hotel, fun memories; very happy though to be a wholefood mama now.

If you want to do some non-traditional Christmas baking, try this superfood chocolate Christmas cake I found it on Natural New Age Mum a blog that is packed with info and recipes that I think will be right along your wholefood path.

Congratulations to Kerry Santillo who won the unexpected guest breakfast giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered.

The highlight of my weekend will be seeing River perform in his first dance concert tonight. I admire how he is so unfazed about being the only boy in his class and how at the dress rehearsal he took to the stage like it was the most natural thing in the world. For his tap dance performance he dances alongside 7 girls in the role of Cupid. The whole thing is totally adorable, especially his red feathered wings. The highlight for River is that he is dancing on the same stage that we saw Justine Clarke perform on a couple of years ago.

Happy weekending xx


  1. what a gloriously decadent and delicious post, oh i had to restrain myself to keep reading before i linked away. thanks lovely, hmmm now to look at those sugar free chocolate bars.

  2. Good luck on your big debut River!!! Luna :)

  3. thanks for the link up Nikki! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I hope River's debut performance went well last night...I suspect you have a tired little cupid today!! :) xx

  5. thanks for River's well wishes. The whole concert was a delight, as was River's performance. I asked him this morning what he did while he was waiting to go on stage and between acts, his casual reply "I was in the green room". This made me smile. The green room! Hilarious. I didn't even know he knew what a green room is. I am kind of relieved it is over and went so smoothly. A proud moment x

    1. Oh so sweet!!! He's a professional already! Kids are the greatest hahahaha.

      Luna :)


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