Wednesday, December 19, 2012

paper rock sea - an exhibition by Peter McConchie

I can't take the credit for these beautiful images, I will though give myself credit for marrying Peter McConchie my talented, nature loving photographer husband who took these photos.

Long before Pete and I were married, when we had only just been introduced I somewhat nervously asked him if I could work as his photographic assistant. Nervous not because I had my sights set on marrying him, but because I was genuinely in awe of his photographic work and shy about my artistic desires. It's true I promise.

The work as a photographic assistant never eventuated but the day I found myself carrying a tripod up the beach in the heat of summer while Pete ran ahead to catch the glimpses of afternoon light falling across the water I smiled to myself and thought be careful what you wish for. 


A retrospective collection of ocean images taken on the Mornington Peninsula 
by Peter McConchie 
are being exhibited and are for sale at The Flinders Village Cafe in Flinders 
(next to the Flinders Post Office).

The exhibition is on now and will go through Summer or until sold out.

So, if you are in Flinders over summer stop in at the cafe and take a look. The coffee is good too :)


  1. You knew a good thing when you saw it hey. Beautiful photos and lovely glimpses into your love story! Congrats to Pete x

  2. thanks Natalie :) I am glad you enjoyed the glimpses into our love story, I considered whether to include those details or not and then went with the thought that everyone loves a love story! x

  3. wow, just so stunning and majestic, Pete, you are amazing. I also loved hearing a glimpse into how you and Pete got together, one day I hope to hear more. enjoy the exhibitionxxx


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