Friday, December 21, 2012

merry christmas

Sol and I have enjoyed fresh mango followed by a golden toasted slice of panettone for breakfast over the past few mornings. Panettone is a sweet bread, rich with butter and eggs and studded with sultanas and candied citrus peel. Originating in Milan it is traditionally prepared to celebrate Christmas. My earliest memory of panettone is as a child at my nana's house.

My nan worked as a dressmaker all her life and in the factory where she worked throughout my childhood, many of the women she worked with were Italian or Greek. My brother and I enjoyed going with my nan on some weekends to visit her work friends where we were treated to warm and generous European hospitality (ie. much fussing over because my nan's friends loved children and many treats of home made biscuits and cakes). At Christmas time my nana would bring home gifts from these women of traditional Christmas foods such as panettone.

Having a young family of my own, I am keen to create some of our own Christmas traditions. Our cut + paste tree is shaping up to be one, as is making panforte. What traditions do you enjoy with your family? Or perhaps there are some from other cultures that you admire, I'd love to hear. Creating and honouring tradition makes life richer, brings deeper meaning to our celebrations and acknowledges history and ancestry.

Speaking of my young family, River had his last day of Prep today. I was as emotional as I was on his first day, completely unprepared for the heart swelling farewell to his beautiful teacher and the acknowledgment of all the wonderful ways he has grown this year in mind and heart.

In place of a list today, I have one special link...

My friend and mentor Samantha Gowing, who is a therapeutic chef with a flair for delicious food as medicine, launched her first ebook today. Filled with recipes, remedies and wonderful stories from Sam's life and kitchen, 'The Healing Feeling' represents 12 years of her experience and knowledge. It is a wonderful resource whether you are just starting out making better food choices or whether you are well underway on the real food journey.

The title of Sam's book speaks to me because from where I sit we could all do with some healing in one form or another, and if there's one need that is a growing one for many people it is nutritional healing. So, a big congratulations Sam on putting your heart, soul and wisdom into this beautiful book I know it will be valuable and life changing for many people.

Life is different when we are well nourished. We have more energy, more mental clarity, emotional balance and connection with the earth and the people we love.

On that note, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you back here in 2013. I've decided to make this my last post for 2012 and savour each moment of the days between now and the New Year giving my full attention to my real life family and friends. Thank you my online friends for reading my blog this year, for your comments and friendship and being part of the wholefood movement. Here's to more people joining us on the wholefood path next year.

Peace and Joy to all.

Nikki xx


  1. Since my hubby is Italian I am a late convert to panettone, but we all love it here (particularly the choc chip or soft centre choc ones. They are a special breakfast treat here too and it is always on the menu for breakfast at Nonna's.
    Thank you for the link to the ebook I must check that out.
    Merry christmas to you too :)

  2. Nikki, have a lovely Xmas and enjoy the time spent with your family. Thank you for inspiring me over the last couple of months and l look forward to reading more wholefood stories in the new year xx

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It was lovely to connect with you in the last few months and I look forward to talking more about all things healthy next year! xx

  4. Nikki, wishing you and your fam a lovely holiday period. Here we'll be eating turkey and ham. I'll tell you more about my nana's greek easter traditions when the time comes around in 2013. It's been a real treat connecting over these past few months. I've got a little wellness project idea for 2013 I'd love to fill you in on. I'll send you an email in the New Year x

  5. Nikki, I wish you and your family a wonderful,peaceful Christmas. xx

  6. Thanks all for reading this year and for your Christmas wishes. I hope you all had a beautiful day and that you are enjoying a slower pace in these days before the New Year. Happy days. xx

  7. Thank's Nikki for sharing this wonderful post. Have a wonderful day ahead.


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