Saturday, December 01, 2012

friday for Sol

Three years ago on the 30th of November our little Sol was born (at great speed in my friend's bathroom. I'll write that story another day). Sol's name means sun in Spanish and he sure lives up to it bringing a whole lot of light and warmth to many people, he is a joy!

Yesterday we celebrated Sol. A breakfast of his favorite berries and mango, a birthday flag and photo album which he loved and wasn't expecting another gift. We then presented him with a beach ball, some clothes and a dvd. He slept with the beach ball last night. After we took River to school, Sol and I headed to Stringer's cafe where he had a cino and I a coffee before going home to bake his spiderman cake.

When I pulled the chocolate cake from the oven he looked disappointed "There's no face on it mummy". This of course made me smile. We iced it red, cut the eyes from paper and spun a licorice web. Cake done we picked River up early from school so we would have time for a celebration before we drove 50 minutes each way to River's dance class dress rehearsal before the big concert next Friday night. (River is cast as cupid, he is the only boy in a class with seven girls. Cupid. Too much! Look out for the photo below, red wings back stage waiting for his call).

Initially when I found out the rehearsal was scheduled on Sol's birthday I quietly clenched my teeth because it felt like a 'disruption' to celebrating Sol but as it happened it was all perfect. Picking River up early from school meant we had time with friends to sing and eat cake. Then Sol slept in the car on the way to the rehearsal. Ahhh. Quiet driving time. The rehearsal was fun and then we decided to do something we rarely do and go out for dinner. Or in Sol's words, "a party dinner".

And the best gift of all? Sol slept through night. Big deal you may be thinking. I'll add this - first time ever in his whole life. After 1095 nights of broken sleep, this is big news. Oh please may this be the new normal.

So. Apologies for disappearing with my list yesterday. I was soaking up all these precious moments.

Here is a Friday list on Saturday...happy weekend. Thanks for reading xx

If you are in Melbourne you can support STREAT a fantastic social justice initiative designed to Stop Homelessness the Delicious Way. The mission is to provide hospitality training and work experience to homeless young people.

Always great to find other bloggers who are sharing their knowledge and ideas for healthy family food, stop by Little People Nutrition for recipes and more.

Thanks to Michelle from Norfolk Exposure for directing me to her grain free brownie recipe - they sound incredible can't wait to make them. Love the header on your blog by the way Michelle.

Catherine's homemade lip balm has me inspired to make some for gifts.

The vanilla banana coconut cake on Catherine's blog is tempting too.

Craft and wholefoods come together with Jay's gorgeous embroideries of vegetables

If you haven't yet entered my delicious muesli giveaway courtesy of the unexpected guest please do it is a scrumptious prize.

And my thoughts are definitely turning to decorations and homemade kitchen gifts...more soon.


  1. A happy 3rd birthday to Sol! xxx :) :) :)
    Love the photo of you and your 2 cute ice cream eating boys Nikki. Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. Happy 3rd birthday Sol! SO glad you all had a wonderful day :)
    Much Love xox

  3. Happy birthday to Sol :) And hooray for sleeping through the night (I hope you get some much needed rest too). Happy weekend to you and your family xx

  4. So many things to celebrate in this post! A spiderman cake, the cutest cupid, sleeping through the night (hooray!) and of course ... the biggest happy birthday to Sol! Kellie xx

  5. oh, i only saw this now, what a wonderful and special day for Sol. Many birthday wishes to you beautiful Sol and to his beautiful family. xx

  6. Thanks Ladies for the sweet birthday wishes. Sol has been saying for the past few days 'I wish I could have another birthday party'. Lucky for him I love birthday parties too so that wish is an easy one to grant!

  7. A very special happy birthday to your sweet little boy, he's so cute Nikki and it's adorable how much he enjoyed his birthday gifts. Thank you so much for mentioning my little space I'm so glad you enjoyed those posts I'm hoping to make a few more lip balms and maybe even a moisturising body bar too it's so much fun making things to gift. I hope you are enjoying your week. xx


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