Wednesday, December 12, 2012

gone fishing

Thirty six degrees here today and as it happened conditions on the bay were good for Pete to take River for his second fishing trip in the boat. Sol talked his way onto the boat for a putt around before the big guys headed out further.

After school Pete, River and Sol did whatever they do to get ready for fishing, sorting rods and reels, threading hooks onto lines, organising bait, Sol tangling ropes and lines believing he is helping, and while this happened I took the opportunity to make phonecalls for work that are best made when children are not about to ask you for a snack or announce they need to do a poo. Tricky to sound professional at those moments. Anyhow, phonecalls made, fishing gear sorted we headed to the beach.

Sol isn't ready to join Pete and River fishing from the boat just yet, a couple more summers and some swimming lessons before that happens, so he and I spent our time beach combing while Pete and River went off on their boating adventure.

We watched pelicans take flight and squished our way through beds of seaweed walking from sandbar to sandbar, stopping to marvel at a starfish Sol announced that the starfish was hungry, "What do you think it eats?" I asked him. After thinking for a moment he told me with great confidence, "Pesto". Of course. Seaweed pesto, he could be on to something.

Pete and River were gone an hour as planned and returned having caught a squid that they decided to release. We've lived on this coastline long enough for Pete to know the fishing tides and grounds well, so it is rare he returns home with less than one meal to add to our wholefood table. These trips that are spent getting River used to being in the boat are about more than catching fish.

I am so grateful for our beach life, for the clean air, the saltwater, the sand between our toes, the opportunity to breathe beautiful natural surrounds in. Every. Single. Day. Oh and the fresh fish x


  1. oh such a beautiful post, i felt lulled by the gentle rocking of it. Lovely fresh images, especially of you, looking totally gorgeous. Ah, i can smell the sea air now. thanks

  2. A very Peaceful, calm and serene post. I can almost feel the clean air and cool water x

  3. What a beautiful post Nikki. Funnily enough, Graeme's gone out tonight (for a night dive - eek!) looking for crays and squid. The two of us were swimming in the ocean this afternoon talking about the point you make here: how incredibly lucky we are to live where we do and how grateful we are for beautiful waters that provide us with a meal every week and space to breathe and live in wonder. The garden gives us so much and the oceans give us so much. Love that pic of you btw. x

  4. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. I'm glad I was able to convey the peaceful beachy feeling. I hope you are all enjoying life in your parts of the world and Vanessa I hope you enjoyed some cray and squid!! xxx


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