Friday, December 14, 2012

friday ho ho ho

(G.Cova Panettone c/o Raw Materials. More about tradition and deliciousness next week...)

This week the crafting continued, partly because I am enjoying it but also because River spent the first few days of the week home with a cold. Catching a cold in summer is no fun but the weather here has been such extremes of hot and cold its not surprising.

Around the web this week:

If you are searching for some meaning in the hurried days before Christmas, slow down with soulemama and read her post 'making merry'. True to form, Amanda's words and photos touched my spirit and her message to honor simplicity rang loud and true.

Christmas is a time of giving, so if you can, here are a few charities to consider on your giving list:
Buy lunch for someone who can't afford it via The Salvation Army Give A Lunch for Christmas
Support Unicef's Enough Stuff appeal
Sponsor a child through World Vision

Now for a list within a list. I am so thrilled to be included in this list of whole food / healthy living blogs over at The Veggie Mama. Check out the list, it is a great resource, and admire Stacey's snazzy new blog design. Thanks Stacey!

Prepare yourself to be delighted by Steph's post at this brown wren, photos and recipes featuring beautiful bounty of the summer season. Nectarines you are my favorite. And clams with angel hair pasta I am happy to sit at any table with you.

2012 and is winding up. If your thoughts are skipping ahead to what shape you would like your life to take in 2013, I suggest buying yourself this Christmas present created by Leonie Dawson. I bought both the life and business books and am excited about working through them and creating some new and powerful work/life habits next year. (I don't know Leonie and am not paid in any way to mention this. In case anyone was wondering).

As much as I would love to sit here all day writing to you lovely readers and drinking coffee at Daisy's in Sorrento where there's WiFi for me and toys for Sol I must venture back out into the rain and face my day. Face my day, gosh that makes it sound like a task which its not but y'know whiling away the hours in a cafe is a sweet luxury.

Happy weekending xx


  1. Thanks for the shout out lovely lady! And a big yay to you for your link on vegie mama. Always leave here inspired! Wishing you a gorgeous weekend :) x

  2. That's a pleasure Steph! And a huge apology to you I have just updated the post to correct your name from Sophie (!) to Steph I'm sorry I don't know how I managed that I am such a stickler for getting names right. Thanks for your kind words about leaving here inspired, it is one of my aims with keeping this blog is to inspire as I am by all the blogs I love to read, so it is nice to hear it. Happy weekend to you too xx

  3. Look forward to your posts on tradition and deliciousness Nikki.

    How fabulous is Steph's from this to that post? She made everything look so simple and delicious. I was totally inspired.

    1. Yes Steph's post great for just that reason, making it all look simple and delicious - just the way good food should be :)

  4. So lovely rereading Soule Mama's post, so important and an instant shoulder slump follows, joy. Thank you. xxx

    1. Nothing like a good shoulder slump. Ahhhh. :) xx

  5. Replies
    1. that's a pleasure! Thanks for stopping by here x


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